Sunday, July 24, 2016

Prep Time

I am one week away from my second year as the official photographer for Fandom Fest. In 2015 I signed on to work directly for Fandom Fest, as opposed to just covering it for some other reporting outlet. A lot can change in a year. In this case, I went from photographer to taking lead on a full media coverage crew, including live broadcasting. I have been blessed to have worked with some of, if not the best coverage crews in the state. Even more blessed that almost all of them were available and happy to sign on. We are now the official media coverage team, including broadcasting live from the event. While I had a blast photographing Fandom Fest with Harley Morris in 2015. There is an immense comfort level that comes from working with my team. A team I have worked with in one capacity or another for several years. Also having absorbed Harley into the team, as well as new additions of Chelsea Skalski, and my Dad, Lou Tingle. While the people in charge, during some breakdown in good decision making, decided I should be any form of leadership. I have full confidence that my team can do what they need to do without ever hearing any appalling bad ideas I may have on the fly during the con. Poor Jerry, our department head and fearless leader, is in for a noteworthy weekend. Hope to see you next weekend.

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