Saturday, September 3, 2016

Louisville Zombie Walk 2016

Zombies are huge in pop culture these days. Great movies like Zombieland, combined with the enormous popularity of the TV show, The Walking Dead, have cemented zombies as a staple in all forms of media. Long lines at conventions to see the stars of The Walking Dead attest to that. There have been a plethora of zombie shows to hit the airwaves the last few years. And it doesn't seem to be losing steam any time soon.

In Louisville, Ky, the love for zombies goes back before the current high level of popularity. Before The Walking Dead. 10 years ago, a group of friends started the Louisville Zombie Walk as a way to celebrate two friends' birthday. They repeated this every year on August 29. It quickly gained momentum, becoming an annual event in which the city shut down a section of Bardstown road for several hours to hold the event.

This year being the 10th anniversary, was a testament to how big something can become from what a few people can get started. At last count, I have heard 42,000 people participated in the walk. That is not counting people like myself who were there to document the event. Several high end effects makeup artists, many of whom I have the pleasure of calling friend, were available to do their incredible work. On top of that, many of the citizenry have become quite good at doing their own makeup. Some have even become regular characters people look forward to seeing every year.

As a photographer I look forward to the next zombie walk, planning out how I want to cover it, as soon as the current walk is over. To see my full gallery from this year's walk, visit
Louisville Zombie Walk 2016