Sunday, July 17, 2016

Lemonade Stand

I've been blessed with being able to photograph many diverse subjects. One subject which always tugs at your heart is benefit for a kid with cancer. Yesterday I photographed Sam's Lemonade Stand, with Heros For Higher, the local garrison of the 501st, and the Blue Moon Clan of Mandalorian Mercs. Sam, a very brave, selfless little boy held his lemonade stand to raise money for his medical expenses in a battle with cancer. Held at The Nerdy Planet, the event was a great day of fun for everyone. Sam and his brother were adopted into the Blue Moon Clan, by a teary eyed Dar Kyram, leader of the clan.

Sam posing with his favorite hero, The Incredible Hulk

There are many people suffering in this world. Some, like Sam, are fighting battles which are vehemently unfair. Sometimes, all we can do is use the gifts we have to help them and make their lives as enjoyable as possible. Never underestimate the power of a small gesture.

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