Saturday, July 16, 2016

Starting a blog

It would seem, that being a photographer these days, also means being a writer. The large majority of photographers with any form of web presence, has a blog to go with their web site. And that is along with whichever forms of social media the photographer uses. So here I am on a Sunday morning, checking social media, making final design adjustments to my portfolio site, and making a blog. I'm not sure how regular this will be, hopefully weekly. Covering my photography and my personal life.

This week we attended a beautiful wedding, celebrated the 4th of July, finalized the crew for Fandom Fest, and celebrated my good friend, Melissa Majors', birthday with a big surprise party. I have my portfolio site finished and live on the net. And spent a lot of time with my family. To say it's been a great week is an understatement. Despite it shaping up to be quite busy, July is going to be great month. Ending with one of my closest friends getting married.

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