Saturday, August 6, 2016

Fandom Fest 2016

Another Fandom Fest is in the books. The event keeps me so busy, that I had to take a week off from writing for my recently started blog. Life would be great if we could take a vacation from any job three weeks in. Unfortunately that practice seems to be frowned upon. Speaking of vacation, I had to take a week off from mine just to recover.

While staying on the go constantly, Fandom Fest is one of the absolute most fun jobs I have ever done. The entire staff is all smiles, even through the most stressful of situations. I run the media crew. A team of consummate professionals who are the very best at what they do. Our job not only consists of doing video interviews along with event photography. But also setting up of sound boards/speakers, lighting systems, projectors, large projector screens, and anything else associated with having the panel or event rooms ready to go.

The con itself was a weekend full of laughs and excitement. Towards the end of his final con appearances, we had Stan Lee. Who through comics, movies, and TV shows has been a part of people's lives for decades. Fandom Fest 2016 also saw the return of Kevin Smith, along with his daughter Harley Quinn Smith. The guests who were huge for me, pun intended. Were the original Godzilla suit actors. I grew up with, and continue to watch Godzilla movies. As someone who has been covering cons for a long time, this was the first instance of me truly being excited for guests on a purely personal basis. With Sunday the 31st being my birthday, I got to kick it off by going to breakfast with all of the Godzilla actors, and Bin Furuya, better known to the world as Ultraman. Needless to say, that breakfast, spending time with so many of my close friends, and family, made for one of the best birthdays anyone could ever have.

To see the full coverage of Fandom Fest, go to this gallery where all of the work from our incredible staff is posted.

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